Isomorphic JavaScript v. ExpressionEngine

There are a number of platforms available today for developers of all skill levels. Two popular options are isomorphic JavaScript and ExpressionEngine. Which one should you use? Take a look at the difference between isomorphic Javascript and ExpressEngine to decide which one will work best.

Isomorphic JavaScript framework

The isomorphic JavaScript framework describes a scripting language that can be used on both the client and server sides of an application without any modification. Each request sent to an isomorphic application begins with a server-side evaluation. After that, the information is sent to the application for further processing. The amount of time necessary to set it up may be longer than the amount required to build an application that does not utilize this technology.

Isomorphic JavaScript is gaining traction because it helps developers make more responsive and secure applications that are easier to maintain.


ExpressionEngine is an open-source CMS written in object-oriented PHP and utilizing the MySQL database management system. It was created in 2002 by EllisLab as a replacement for the pMachine Pro blogging system. Although EllisLab shut down in 2018, the open-source Content Management System ExpressionEngine is still available.

ExpressionEngine is a popular platform for developers to utilize when creating websites and web apps. The software is highly adaptable, and its implementation can differ depending on the unique needs of the business or individual user. Core functions are more extensive than similarly categorized free services, however, add-ons will determine the system’s performance and full functionality. 

Pros and cons of isomorphic JavaScript framework

Pros of isomorphic JavaScript framework

  • Due to their adaptability, isomorphic applications can run on any device, whether old or new. In the past, the return of JavaScript tags in SPAs might cause problems for devices running earlier versions of a web browser.
  • The isomorphic JavaScript framework develops applications that perform best in browsers, which corresponds with Google’s decision to begin indexing content written in JavaScript. As a result, it improves search engine optimization (SEO) and site crawling reliability.
  • Since the client and server sides share the codes, significantly fewer lines of code are required than in developing single-page apps. 

Cons of isomorphic JavaScript framework

  • A considerable portion of the application’s logic should be managed on the server side. Processing HTTP requests, as well as routing, rendering, styling, and loading modules can be complicated. Additionally, server-side rendering requires the use of external libraries.

Pros and cons of ExpressionEngine

Pros of ExpressionEngine

  • Highly flexible and adaptable
  • Excellent developer and user base to interact with on social media platforms such as Twitter, Slack Chat, and Facebook.
  • Numerous third-party add-ons address a variety of issues.
  • The cost of entry is low compared to other business options.
  • Compatible with any Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP server environment.  

Cons of ExpressionEngine

  • It takes time to run local, staging, and production environments.
  • More powerful options will be needed for larger installations.
  • The design and layout of the Control Panel could be better. It frequently changes the focus. However, after learning the basics and setting up shortcuts, many developers find it quite simple to work with.
  • Without additional caching, it can be resource-heavy for busy sites with many visitors.

Final word on isomorphic JavaScript v ExpressEngine

Hopefully this comparison will help you understand the difference between isomorphic JavaScript and ExpressionEngine so that you can choose the platform that will work best for your website. Both options have pros and cons that should be considered. Essentially, if your website is large or resource heavy, isomorphic JavaScript may be the better choice. But if you need a solid platform that’s cost-effective, then ExpressEngine could work well.

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