Isomorphic JavaScript hidden keys

Applications that share code between the server and client are known as isomorphic applications. Using this technology, you no longer need to develop separate programs for a website’s front and back end. 

Adopting isomorphic JavaScript is gaining traction very quickly. Indeed, a lot of well-known frameworks, like Meteor and React, are already utilizing isomorphic JavaScript. 

If you plan to use isomorphic JavaScript it helps to know the hidden keys that are associated with the framework and what they can do. 

What is a hidden key?

A hidden key, also known as a secret key, is a parameter that’s used to encrypt and decrypt messages. There are two types of keys: keys that use symmetric encryption and keys that use asymmetrical encryption. When asymmetrical encryption is used there are two separate keys, a public one and a hidden one. In isomorphic JavaScript the hidden key is typically not exposed on the client side.

What parts of your app should be isomorphic?

It’s possible for part of the code to execute on the client side, part to execute on the server side, and part to be shared on both sides. The last part is the isomorphic Javascript that’s beneficial to use for apps. You can create: 

  • Isomorphic view
  • Isomorphic styles
  • Isomorphic routing
  • Isomorphic data fetching
  • Isomorphic configuration
  • Isomorphic localization

Hidden keys of isomorphic JavaScript framework 

Below are some of the advantages that come with using hidden keys in isomorphic JavaScript.

Boost site efficiency and SEO

Isomorphic JavaScript boosts efficiency in a variety of ways. For instance, it greatly enhances a website’s SEO. Web crawlers are sent by search engines to investigate webpages for indexing purposes and to determine page rankings before serving up search results.

Text, image descriptions, and links are all used in this indexing process to determine how relevant the information is, how in-depth the coverage is, and how well web crawlers have received it.

Single codebase that reduces development time

This framework provides a single codebase for the user interface with a synchronized rendering lifetime. No effort will be spent on duplicating code, which reduces the cost of developing the user interface, improves quality, and speeds up the deployment of new features.

Encapsulating page loading

Due to the usual practice of encapsulating page-loading instructions, there is more than just a page for the web crawler to see. For the crawler to examine the website’s content as it appears to human users, it must first run the JavaScript that generates the page. Crawlers are more likely to favorably index and rank a site if it has some content pre-generated on the server.

Reduced maintenance and operating costs

By giving developers complete control over the user interface, companies implementing this framework for their web servers may realize a reduction in operational expenses. This facilitates a more distinct delineation between the back and front end. It will reduce the time spent on maintenance, as changes to code shared across the server and client will only need to be made once. Since everything relies on the same API, the likelihood of something going wrong is reduced.

Browser compatibility

Isomorphic JavaScript is a framework that simplifies the process of creating flexible apps that can run on any device, regardless of the hardware or operating system it employs. For instance, isomorphic single-page applications (SPAs) are used to return JavaScript tags, which would crash on older devices and some browsers.

Final word on isomorphic JavaScript hidden keys

Hidden keys allow you to improve the SEO performance of isomorphic web applications among many other things. Knowing where to look can help you find the hidden keys associated with an isomorphic JavaScript framework and determine what parts of an app benefit the most from using it.

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