Is jQuery isomorphic JavaScript?

Due to the increasing complexity of HTML pages, isomorphic JavaScript is becoming more difficult to write. This is why libraries exist. When writing JavaScript, programmers refer to a library file that contains pre-written functions for completing common tasks, reusing existing code and making the code simpler to read and comprehend.

JQuery is a widely used JavaScript library because: 

  • It simplifies the creation of web applications by removing the obstacles presented by JavaScript. 
  • Instead of rewriting task blocks, you can use simple jQuery methods. 
  • jQuery can be deployed on the server and client side with little effort. 
  • It can be used to develop isomorphic applications. 

The last point is an important one. Isomorphic applications are growing more common since they’re easier to maintain, perform well and can help improve SEO. Keep reading for an in-depth explanation of what jQuery is and its use for isomorphic JavaScript development.

What is a jQuery library?

jQuery is a small but effective JavaScript library with the slogan “write less, accomplish more.”  jQuery’s goal is to simplify the process of implementing JavaScript into a website. It encapsulates functions that may be called with a single line of code, making it possible to perform numerous basic activities that would otherwise require many lines of JavaScript code.

Another advantageous aspect of jQuery is that it’s an isomorphic JavaScript. It can be deployed on both the client side and server side, making it even more efficient. 

The amazing extendability of jQuery

Although there are several different JavaScript libraries available, jQuery is undoubtedly the most popular one. A very big reason for the popularity is jQuery is the library that can be extended the most and has the most flexibilty. 

Cross-browser compatibility

The jQuery team is quite knowledgeable about cross-browser compatibility problems and accounted for it in the jQuery library. As a result, every major browser executes jQuery in the same manner.

Interoperable with most JavaScript libraries

In addition to being extensible via various plugins, jQuery is also interoperable with most other JavaScript libraries. Unfortunately, it is incompatible with all other languages used in programming languages.

Large community offering support

The jQuery library is currently the most widely used JS library available. It may be used and altered with little effort. More than that, jQuery has a sizable active community that has produced a wealth of tutorials, guides, and other documentation for beginners.

jQuery examples

Wondering what jQuery looks like? The below examples will help visually explain the slideDown(), slideUp(), and slideToggle() functions:





This is the example of using the hide() and show() functions:








This example shows an animate() function code block:




      left: ‘250px’,

      height: ‘+=150px’,

      width: ‘+=150px’



Here’s an example of CSS manipulation:



  $(“h1, h2, p”).toggleClass(“blue”);


Final word on if jQuery is isomorphic JavaScript

Using the jQuery library can lessen the amount of JavaScript code you need to achieve the same results. You can get more accomplished in less time so you can focus on other aspects of the project. This article will help you determine if jQuery is isomorphic JavaScript.

Evisio does not use Isomorphic JavaScript in our web app. The main framework used is jQuery, but there’s a mixture between this and other small specific JavaScript libraries for certain sections and functionality. For this version of Evisio (2022), no major JS UI framework is used; Tailwind is used as the CSS UI framework.

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