How to eliminate alerts from incompatible plugins

One of WordPress’s strengths is the many useful add-ons known as plugins. However, a lot of them are third-party plugins, which can lead to incompatibility issues. Most issues can be avoided before they even start by being selective when installing plugins, themes, and other tools. 

If you do run into a problem with an incompatible plugin that causes an alert you can follow the guidance below to get things back on track. 

When are alerts regarding incompatible plugins shown?

You can get an incompatibility alert if you try to update a plugin. It is crucial to be aware of the circumstances that could lead to this notice appearing. It occurs when the standard plugin version receives updates, but the professional one does not. You may also receive an alert when new features are added to the plugin that may make the PRO version more difficult to use.  Not heeding the warning could result in missing out on important PRO version features.

How to eliminate an alert regarding incompatible plugins?

If you want to disable the message, ensure you have installed the most recent versions of both plugins. How to update a WordPress Plugin is a good resource for learning about plugin updates.

In the absence of a valid subscription, a PRO plugin cannot be updated, and in such a case, free plugins must be reverted to their previous state. We strongly advise against this since updates frequently released that include bug fixes to ensure plugins are secure and compatible with the most recent releases of WordPress and WooCommerce.

Regular automatic monitoring for WordPress plugins 

While the information outlined above is straightforward, deactivating each plugin one by one can still take some time if you have many of them installed. The free Plugin Detective plugin is a great option for automating this process. It does everything we outlined above, except it works automatically. 

While it’s possible to identify incompatibilities after the fact, it’s preferable to determine whether or not a plugin will cause your site to malfunction before actually installing it. Although it’s impossible to completely rule out incompatibility, you can take steps to minimize the risk.

Final word on incompatible plugin alerts

You can customize WordPress to include virtually any function you like by using plugins. Although this is really encouraging news, it’s important to keep in mind that there are also potential downsides. If you install a large number of plugins on your website, you will almost certainly experience compatibility issues at some point in the future. You also have to choose your plugins carefully in order to avoid issues altogether.

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