How to check if two given strings are isomorphic in JavaScript?

A series of characters, such as letters, numbers, or symbols, is known as a string. Strings can be made up of one or more types of characters. In JavaScript, strings are considered primitive data types and immutable, meaning they cannot be changed in any way.

Since text is the primary means by which we interact and gain an understanding through computers, becoming familiar with strings that are used to display and manipulate text is one of the fundamental aspects of programming. Something that you’ll want to be able to recognize is whether two strings are isomorphic in JavaScript.  Isomorphic means that the two strings are the same in form and correspond with one another.

This guide will help you determine if two strings are isomorphic in JavaScript and explain why it matters. 

How to find out if two given strings are isomorphic In JavaScript?

If every character in one string can be mapped to every character in another string, then the two strings are isomorphic. To put it simply, in isomorphic strings, each character in the first string corresponds exactly to each character in the second string.

To determine whether or not strings are isomorphic, we need to make sure that the following conditions are met:

  • The length of both strings must be equal.
  • The character currently being used in both strings shouldn’t be mapped with any other characters.

Example 1 – isomorphic strings:

str1 = ‘ABCA’

str2 = ‘XYZX’

‘A’ maps to ‘X’

‘B’ maps to ‘Y’

‘C’ maps to ‘Z’

When this occurs, every character in the first string can be mapped to every character in the second string. Therefore, str1 and str2 are isomorphic.

Example 2 – non-isomorphic strings:

str1 = ‘ABCA’

str2 = ‘WXYZ’

‘A’ maps to ‘W’

‘B’ maps to ‘X’

‘C’ maps to ‘Y’

‘A’ again maps to ‘Z’

Since character ‘A’ from the first string is mapping with two characters from the second string, these two strings do not possess an isomorphic relationship with one another.

A common method for determining whether or not two strings are isomorphic is to see if they can be constructed by exchanging each character in one string with a character in the other. If so, then the strings are isomorphic.

You can also utilize a hashmap to hold the mapping between str1 and str2 characters.  Another way to map the strings is to employ a set to store the str2 characters that have previously been mapped.

Final word on checking to see if strings are isomorphic

Isomorphic JavaScript is a new coding model that is predicted to be the way of the future. Right now matching up strings to one another isn’t a common task for programmers, but it’s something all programmers should know how to do, even if the primary framework they utilize is jQuery.

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