How to avoid website downtime that affects SEO?

In times of high site traffic and user volume, website problems are a brand’s worst nightmare. The holiday shopping season, cyber week, and other high-traffic times of the year can ironically all lead to website outages where no one visits your site at all. Even if you’ve done everything you can to prepare your site for an increase in traffic, you may still have problems with your site’s speed and functionality.

If your website is unavailable, it can negatively impact your organization from causing a decline in revenue to a drop in leads to a decrease in customer service. And if your site is down for an extended period, this might potentially harm your Google ranking. The good news is you can avoid website downtime if you understand the reasons behind it.

What causes website downtime that can affect SEO?

There are five key causes for website downtime. They include:

Errors made by humans

Human error is a common occurrence in website construction, and while it can be easily remedied, it can also contribute to future frustration. A human error, whether accidental or malicious, is often the cause of website downtime.

Problems with the host

Your site can function more effectively if you have a central repository for all your content. GoDaddy and other hosting services like Wix play an essential role in the internet’s architecture because it’s rare for people to host their own websites. But that doesn’t mean the host is error-free. That’s why it’s so important to look for the best host possible with a reputation for minimal website downtime.

Malicious intent

Undoubtedly, we live in an odd and unsafe online environment at times. A hacker may target your website for any number of reasons. DDoS attacks, hackers, or malicious bots can affect your website if you become a target. The best approach to protect your site against cyberattacks is to choose a high-quality web host with best-in-class security measures.

Integration of software

The use of third-party software such as apps, plugins, and other add-ons may sometimes be necessary. Unfortunately, when you use them things may not work as expected. This can result in a website going down, which can impact SEO.

Hardware problems

Regardless of where your website is hosted, it must be maintained regularly. Your website’s content is kept on physical equipment (hardware). That hardware can and will fail if it is not maintained correctly, regardless of whether you host it yourself or hire a hosting firm.

What can I do to avoid website downtime?

There are various ways to minimize downtime, but some solutions offer better assurance. If you’re worried about website downtime try these three effective strategies first. 

Monitor website activity with auto alerts

You should invest in a Website Monitoring Service like evisio. It can save you a lot of money in the long run by alerting you if your site has any downtime. The tools work by monitoring website statistics. If anything is off it’s instantly registered, diagnosed and an alert is sent to the web administrator or owner for follow up. 

Back up data to avoid losing material

One of the most crucial aspects of website management is ensuring that your data is backed up. If you lose all of your data, you must have a plan in place. Having a backup of your data means that you won’t have to deal with any downtime if you lose any of your material.

Heavily vet your host

Choosing a good host is essential for good website performance. The host’s maintenance and security practices will have a direct effect on how likely it is that your site will experience downtime. 

Final word on avoiding website downtime

How you set things up today will impact your risk of website downtime in the future. The best thing you can do is choose a host with a good track record and take steps to secure things on your end as well. Once you have these basics covered, you can move on to specialized techniques that are more appropriate for your specific website for a little extra assurance.

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