How to fix links with no anchor text

Anchor text is the hypertext of a link that the user can see and click on to navigate to a different page or resource. Anchor text is denoted in most up-to-date browsers by a blue highlighted area with underlining.

You’ll run into problems if an external link does not have any anchor text. Failing to use anchor text is a missed opportunity that could lower the page’s rating on search engines and prevent it from being displayed in response to relevant search queries. At the very least, links with no anchor text create a poor user experience since they don’t offer visitors and search engines information regarding external links.

In this quick guide you’ll learn the importance of anchor text  and what to do if you have links without it.

Why anchor text is extremely important

Users of your site, and the robots that crawl your site for search purposes, will mostly navigate your site by clicking on your site’s internal links. The links on a page are also influential for SEO. 

You can evenly spread the weight of internal links on pages that are vital for promotion when you have intelligent internal linking. You can also indicate to search engines which pages on your site should be given more weight by using internal links.

This descriptive text is utilized by the robots that power search engines in order to give context to the link destination. If the link is released without any descriptive text accompanying it, then you may lose potential visitors from search engines. If you use text that is not an anchor, you run the risk of losing potential search traffic.

How to figure out if the problem exists

It is essential that links have an anchor value. It is one of the main elements determining where a website ranks in search engines. Site owners are advised to keep a vigilant lookout for any potential issues that may arise with the anchor text used in internal links. When it comes to promoting and boosting one’s place in search engine rankings, this particular aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) plays a very significant role.

You should conduct an SEO audit of your website utilizing tools specifically designed for website administrators. Within the error report, you will notice a collection of pages that have outgoing links on them but do not have any anchor subjects. Those are the links that are missing anchor text.

How to resolve links with no anchor text

You should now have a list of pages with links that have no anchor text. Unlike some fixes, correcting links with no anchor text is typically a manual process that will take time. In addition to locating the link on the web page, you’ll also have to:

  • Examine the web page to determine what it’s about.
  • Check the link to make sure it’s not broken and leads to relevant information.
  • Review the externally linked material to determine what it is about.
  • Determine appropriate keywords that can be used in the anchor text.
  • Edit the link to include anchor text that includes a targeted keyword.

In some cases you can fix multiple pages that have missing anchor data at once if you use the link in the HTML template. Either way adding the anchor text should improve your SEO and the experience for website users.

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