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The SEO Management Platformfor Teams That Want to Get More Done.

evisio gives SEO teams a central hub for auditing, analyzing, organizing and executing tasks so that more gets done in less time without anything falling through the cracks.

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Why Evisio

It’s the All-Around Tool That Makes SEO Management Automated, Organized and Easy

Created by an SEO consultant that understands the struggle, evisio is the only SEO platform that automates auditing and brings all the moving pieces together so that SEO management is easier for direct marketing agencies, consultants and in-house teams.

Full-Service SEO Tool

Get better SEO results with less effort.

SEO doesn’t get more simple than evisio. From auditing your site to measuring results, evisio is the one SEO tool that can handle it all so you’re not juggling multiple accounts at once.

Built on SEO best practices

Autogenerates SEO tasks based on site audits

Provides actionable steps on how to best execute SEO tasks

SEO is decoded so everything is easy for the whole team to understand

Run SEO configuration scans with a click

Identify, assign and track SEO tasks in one system

Easy Integration / Sync SEO Data

Aggregate all of the information you need to make intelligent SEO decisions.

Data is all over the place these days, but you can bring it all together with evisio SEO project management software. Our platform syncs with Google Search Console, apps and other SEO tools so you have all the information you need to make updates.

Quickly and easily sync with Google Search Console

Automated crawling

Import SEO crawl data

Integrate third party SEO tools

API integration

Comprehensive visual reports that are easy to read

Build Trust With Transparency

Show clients and stakeholders what’s getting done behind the scenes.

Justify your SEO services and decisions with a platform that shows clients and stakeholders what’s been done and how it’s benefitted their website. You’ll never have to guess where your SEO stands ever again.

Add clients and stakeholders onto the account

Customize evisio for each client or project

Add clients to conversations and tasks

Easily share progress reports

Support for SEO Teams

Give team members the tools to get SEO tasks handled efficiently.

SEO professionals can only do so much with time-consuming basic tools. Evisio was built to make collaborating more effective and efficient. Team members work within the same system so everyone is on the same page.

Add team members to a project in seconds.

Receive auto alerts when assigned a new task.

Smartly organized system that improves task management.

Quickly see who is working on what.

Work on all SEO projects on one platform.

Audits that are automatically deciphered.

Team management

Assign, track and check off SEO tasks in seconds.

As soon as the evisio SEO audit is complete you’ll get an auto-generated, prioritized list of tasks that need to be completed. From there you can assign, track and complete tasks with a few clicks so no task gets overlooked.

Color coded tasks to quickly see which ones are most important.

Expert suggestions for handling a task or error.

Specify a date that the task needs to be completed.

Follow up and check on the progress with a built-in message board.

Custom task creation.

Filter through tasks by date, severity or team member.

Insights and Reporting Data

Never struggle with indecipherable spreadsheets ever again.

Continuously improve SEO with reports that make it easy to see what’s working and what isn’t performing as expected. Auto-generated reports put all of the details you need to know front and center without having to dig through spreadsheets of data.

Automated SEO audits find the errors for you.

Quality control system ensures data accuracy.

Reports that visualize information.

Export or share reports with clients and team members.

Completed task list for tracking overall progress.

Shared dashboard shows the most important data at a glance.

How It Works

SEO That Practically Manages Itself

Evisio is where SEO auditing, management and optimization happens all in one place. The SEO software tools within evisio offer transparency into the SEO process, giving users a play-by-play every step of the way so you can visualize how it all applies to your website.

Step 1. Submit Your Sitemap .XML URL

Once you’ve signed up for an account the first thing you’ll need to do is submit your sitemap.xml URL for an initial SEO audit. Don’t have the sitemap.xml URL? No problem! You can run a soft crawl first.

Step 2. Set the Scan Frequency

Decide how often you want to scan your website for SEO errors and fixes. Daily, weekly, monthly - it’s up to you.

Step 3. Add Team Members

Simply input a team member’s email address to add them to the project. An unlimited number of users can be added!

Step 4. Assign the First Task

Choose a team member and assign the first task. Or you can skip this step to launch the dashboard and see which tasks evisio suggests you address first.

Step 5. Start Analyzing SEO Insights

You’ll immediately be taken to your dashboard where SEO insights are already populating and there’s a running checklist of related tasks that can be assigned with a click.

“As a contractor, I realized there wasn’t a good tool for SEO operations. Essentially, SEO tools give is a lot of data that gets lost in email and docs. evisio builds core SEO tasks automatically, helps you manage teams, and that results to happier long term clients.”

Michael Ramirez
Founder & CEO, SearchRPM Inc

Packages and Pricing

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There’s a plan for SEO teams of all sizes from a single consultant with freelance partners to digital marketing agencies with dozens of employees.

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Basic Plan

projects/unique domains
2 $149

Consultant Plan

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3 $199

Agency Plan

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4 $499

Custom Plan

Customized plan
for larger websites
account support

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SEO Software That Keeps You Compliant With Updates and Algorithm Changes

With evisio, users get a resource that is constantly keeping up with the latest SEO changes and provides solutions on how to positively work around them. New updates are backed into evisio making it easier to plan and prepare for the changes throughout the digital marketing landscape.

evisio is a Part of Your SEO Team

evisio isn’t just SEO project management software. It’s like onboarding a whole team worth of expertise with one tool! It’s your SEO auditor and centralized hub where everyone can stay connected while working toward the same SEO goals. Teams can work around shared metrics and resources to fully maximize website performance through optimized project management.

Need additional support? Our team has your team covered from development to diagnostic testing. Contact us to learn more about evisio SEO support.

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