How to fix “www resolve issues”?

If you see your number of website visitors dropping, you are not alone in wanting to know what caused a sudden decline in traffic or how to get it back up again. Any website-based business owner should be pretty worried about this important metric. 

An excellent place to start if you want to increase traffic is to conduct an SEO audit of your site and solve any on-site issues that you find. However, there could still be an issue after an SEO audit if your website’s www and non-www versions aren’t identical. It’s called a www resolve issue, and here’s how you can fix it. 

What triggers a www resolve issue?

you will receive a message that reads “A domain name configured wrongly” if your website is experiencing problems with WWW resolve issues. A www resolve issue occurs when there are two or more versions of a website and the versions aren’t identical. 

Using a site audit tool can help you figure out if your site versions are off. You’ll also be able to determine whether or not your non-WWW and WWW web pages are fighting with one another for high rankings in search results. 

How to fix www resolve issues

If you typed in your web domain using www and it disappears when you push the enter key there’s a www resolve issue. Now that you’ve verified you have a www resolve issue and know what’s triggering it, it’s time to fix the problem. 

Head to your WordPress dashboard and go to the Settings menu. From there, it’s a short hop to the General settings page, where you can check the www configuration and make any necessary corrections.

Here are some other things you can do to correct and prevent www resolve issues:

  • Pay careful attention when switching to HTTPS from HTTP.
  • Indicate which page should be the primary version by including the canonical Meta tag in your HTML.
  • Use 301 redirects to move pages with similar content to the preferable version.
  • Verify your Content Management System (Content Management System) has the capability of automatically producing alternate URLs for each page.
  • Contact your web host and request a redirect to either the www or non-www version of your site. Most hosts will even prepare everything for you. Cheaper hosts may not offer such services, but they’ll likely explain how to do so.

Other common SEO issues to watch out for

  • Pages with duplicate titles and meta descriptions, with no discernible focus keyword.
  • Content duplication.
  • Pages with thin content.
  • Slow site speeds. 
  • Poor responsiveness on any type of device.
  • Having low-quality links pointing back to your site.
  • Not having an SSL certificate for a site that requests or stores sensitive information.
  • Failing to ensure Google can access all of your content.

Proactive steps you can take to boost SEO include intentionally re-routing link authority to key content. You can also increase your main page’s popularity and link juice by fixing and resolving all known issues as soon as they’re discovered.

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