WTF SEO Glossary GPT

SEO terms, definitions, and examples of real applications for your niche.

This isn’t your 2000’s SEO Glossary. Get SEO terms, definitions, and examples of real applications for your niche with my latest GPT – WTF SEO Glossary.

We all know AI is changing the game in SEO and across other industries. GPTs are the craze and super fun to build. This GPT will provide definitions, real applications, and a summary for documentation or proposals.

Get this GPT here or at

Get this GPT here or at

Paraphrased transcription:

Hey everyone, I am introducing my new GPT quickly.

It’s called the WTF SEO Glossary. And essentially, what it’s going to help you define any SEO terms. It will provide a definition and provide some real-world applications for your niche. Let’s take a quick look at how it works. So feel free to type in any SEO-like term you want a definition for or want more information. 

So, in this case, I have a prompt here. It’s just link-building. The tool will define what link building is and provide a straightforward definition. Then, it will apply that definition specifically to your niche. And so if you are in the, say, Saas niche, you could provide your niche, but whether you’re in real estate, banking, finance, whatever that may be, the tool, you know, define just kind of your niche, the type of applications for your specific niche, and even provide particular examples around how you could use link building within your niche. So, in this specific case, it will give around ten examples of your niche for link building. 

As you can see, it’s coming up with guest blogging, industry forums, and influencer influencer outreach. Once you have these specific ten examples, it will ask if you want to copy them into a proposal or a Google Doc. You could use it to provide to leadership, or you could use it as part of your proposal. And so I will say yes, turn this into a proposal doc for me. And so it’s going to outline it into three specific sections. 

Our approach, link building for Saas, combines that definition and our solutions, which are examples of how you can use this link building within this niche. Then the third section is going to be the scope of work. So how, timeline, budget, start date, how will you implement these items for your specific client niche or website? 

I hope you find it useful. I’m finding it helpful for proposals for, you know, idea generation and for just, you know, looking up some of those terms that are sometimes a little hard to define or just remember right off the jump, so hopefully, you enjoy it. If you have any questions, please comment in the comment section. Thank you