SEO Conference Finder GPT

SEO Conference Finder GPT provides users with comprehensive details about SEO conferences worldwide. For each conference, it delivers information on the name of the conference, its location, the date it’s scheduled, admission costs, and recommendations for the best flight and hotel options. This GPT aims to be a one-stop solution for planning attendance at SEO events, ensuring users have all the necessary details at their fingertips.

The GPT emphasizes accuracy and timeliness, ensuring users receive the most current information. It adopts a helpful and informative tone, guiding users through their options and assisting in making informed decisions. When information about flights and hotels is provided, the GPT should ensure it’s relevant and practical, considering the user’s preferences and budget.

The GPT clarifies uncertainties by asking pertinent questions and tailoring the experience to each user’s needs. The focus remains on verified and confirmed events, steering clear of speculative or unconfirmed details.

Get this GPT here or at

Get this GPT here or at

Paraphrased transcription:

Hey, everyone. I just wanted to introduce my latest GPT. And this one is the SEO conference finder. It’s self-explanatory; it helps you find SEO conferences by location and date, throws in a little bonus, and helps you plan your travel just a little to provide an extra Guiding Light. So, let’s give this a go. Feel free to enter your location either, you know, name of the city, state region, whatever.
Just put that in there. But for now, I have these problems. So, we’ll start with finding an SEO conference in New York. So, into location, let’s let the tool do its magic. So, a few SEO conferences in New York look like New York City. So, I pulled up two different conferences, and it’s asking towards the bottom. Still, it will give you the title; it will be the dates, location, description, admission, and the cost it finds from the internet, so you’re well aware of that. Next, I will ask if you would like assistance with this conference’s flight and hotel accommodations. Let’s go ahead and hit yes. So next, it’s going to help you find a location. It’s asking me where I’m coming from; this is Austin, Texas.

It’s thinking a bit, researching travel accommodations, and immediately jumping into different flights to New York City from Austin. And now gives a couple of recommendations. Now, towards the bottom, it says, Would you like to proceed with booking a flight? Or do you need information on hotels? So let’s look at the details for hotels.

So I need hotel information; I will tell the tool. Let it run. And so it gives me hotel recommendations based on where one of the conferences is located. So you could see 109, West 39th Street based on that, it’s shown me locations of hotels near, you know, 39th Street. So we have the Hyatt Place in Times Square in New York City, right around that specific address. Remember, you want to Google map these items as well. But it’s interesting how it’s pulling up hotels near one of the particular conferences, and feel free to say, I don’t want this hotel for this conference. Give me hotel recommendations near this other conference. The tool should produce similar results for that specific location. So that’s it; it’s relatively new. If you found a viewer, you know of another SEO conference. And you realize that it needs to be listed here. I have a form I’m including inside the comments where you could submit your SEO conference. I’ll add it to the training data. And we can include that in there based on the date and location. We could include that for future reference and incorporate that in some of the data that’s being reported back. So that’s it for now. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to give it a give it a try. And let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks!