The evisio Origin Story

evisio, the SEO industry’s first client management platform, came about because of one SEO company’s need for a better way to manage projects.

The Making of an SEO Client Management Platform

While running his own agency, Michael Ramirez, the founder of evisio and SearchRPM, was using regular project management systems that just weren’t made for SEO projects. As SearchRPM took on more clients and there was more to manage on top of the SEO tasks. Michael quickly realized conventional project management tools weren’t efficient or scalable, and it would eventually cost SearchRPM business.

On top of that, much of the recommended SEO work that could benefit clients stayed buried in Excel Spreadsheets, Google Docs or internal project management systems where it would never get implemented.

SearchRPM needed something more efficient, more productive and that would create a better client experience. That something was evisio. We took our years of experience working on SEO projects of all scopes with businesses of all sizes and built an in-house software solution that could meet all our demands and more.

Even Better Than Expected in Real-World Applications

After real-world application we found the platform didn’t just meet our needs, it surpassed them. Using the platform increased the transparency of SEO work between agencies and clients, helped acquire new clients and organized SEO projects better than we thought possible. And everything was all in one place along with SEO audit data from different tools.

evisio is defined as a client management platform because that’s exactly what it was made to do. It’s able to crawl your client’s website, use found crawl issues to automatically create tasks and bring your team together to tackle projects. Simply log in to your evisio dashboard, select an SEO project and pick up on a task where you left off. It’s a platform that works for SEOs because it’s made for SEO workflow.

evisio was a game changer for us. Once we started using it, we knew there was no way we could keep it in-house.

We can’t take on all of the SEO projects that are out there no matter how good evisio performs. But we can help all of the SEOs who are tackling those projects by giving them access to a platform that was purpose-built to make their job easier.

Designed by an SEO for SEOs. evisio, the SEO tool made for us.